The cuisine in the San Cristoforo farmhouse is traditional made of ancient perfumes, the simplicity of a family atmosphere with the use of seasonal products from our garden and organic products from our farm. All homemade and prepared before enjoying it to ensure its freshness and quality. We can define it as a “field to table” cuisine

A stove that is always on and the use of earthenware will heat the room just like in the past…

A restaurant where the quality of the product allows an essentiality in the preparations that make our cuisine genuine, traditional and welcoming. Wifi.

Seasonal menus

Our à la carte menu is essential, seasonal and completely organic… All our pastas are homemade, worked by hand or with a bronze die press, we use stone-ground organic flours from grains produced on the farm. The menu follows the seasonality and availability of our garden, it may vary according to what nature offers us! To get an idea of ​​our cuisine, the menu below is an example of what is usually tasted at San Cristoforo.